About me


I have been living from a young age in the Netherlands but was born in Thailand were my roots lie. Thanks to my cultural background I grew up learning the importance of the balance between mind and body. Connection is of essence and I therefore believe in a holistic vision. Holistic medicine is not a method, but a view on medicine. It means that you focus on the whole human being (holos), the body, the mind and the spirit (soul). If these parts are not in balance with each other, different physical and / or emotional constraints can arise.

Through the years and by facing some difficult moments in my life, I have become much more aware. Not only have I discovered more of who I am but it also became clear what it is I want to do and what is really important to me. Therefore I decided to help others finding there balance again. I genuinely believe that when we connect better with ourselves, it makes us a happier and better person. Not only for ourselves, but also for the people and world around us.

My intention during each treatment is connecting. I believe that when you are in contact with yourself your energy will start flowing. Space is created when you are connected to yourself. The space to be who you are and to be aware of this moment, where freedom and creativity can freely evolve and you can feel and experience your vibrancy.

With my treatment the smell and touch senses are central. The treatments that I give combine different forms of healing energetic massages where connection and relaxation are of essence.